Union Avenue Middle School Physical Education Department

Health/Physical Education Staff Pages

Welcome to Union Avenue Middle School Health & Physical Education department. Our goal is to improve your child’s physical fitness through warm-ups, strength exercises and cardiovascular fitness activities. We will work on learning and applying health related fitness concepts, game rules, and strategies, as well as cooperative learning and sportsmanship that will foster participation in physical fitness activities throughout life.

This page contains a lot of important information. Please review the items carefully with your child. Sign and return as soon as possible.

General Guidelines

  • Be on Time; In your floor spot 5 minutes after the late bell

  • Be Prepared; In; crew neck t-shirt and sweat pants, basketball shorts (to the knee) or track pants, and Sneakers. All students need a COMBINATION LOCK to be used during their P.E. period only. (P.E. Staff is not responsible for students stolen or misplaced items)

  • Cooperate

  • Participate

  • Be Respectful; to yourself, others and the equipment

  • Abide by all rules in the Union Avenue Middle School handbook

(No technology of any kind (phones, ipads, etc. ) should be brought into the gym or used during gym time) Failure to abide by this rule will lead to the phone being confiscated by teacher and/or administration.

Grading Policies

Each unit is worth 100 points; 60% participation, 20% skills test and 20% written test.

2 points are deducted for each late.

7-10 points are deducted for being unprepared or lack of participation.


When a student is unprepared they will choose two questions from the Unprepared Question board and complete them to earn credit for the day.

Medical Excuse

Any student that has a serious illness or injury must have a note from their doctor to be excused. Students who are returning from an injury are required to have an all clear written not from their doctor.

Teams/Clubs Offered

Morning Basketball offered all year.


Boys/Girls Soccer

Soccer Club (runs through May)


Boys/Girls Basketball