Mr. Thorson's PE Class


In today’s society, the need to promote a strong body and mind are more important than ever. Problems such as alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse, sexually transmitted disease, obesity and physical inactivity diminish the quality and longevity of life. Research has proven the correlation between an active body and academic success. The Health and Physical Education Department of the Irvington Public Schools provides a motivating and enriching K-12 program that meets the physical, mental, emotional, and social needs of our students. The curriculum is designed to support the other core subjects while also providing our students the necessary skills to improve and maintain their health and wellness for a lifetime.


The Physical Education department believes its mission is to expose all students to the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and the involvement of physical activities they can participate in for a lifetime.


Physical Education Uniform Policy:

    In order to ensure the safety of the student, each scholar is asked to wear athletic attire that is conducive to learning in the Physical Education setting.

  • Blue, black,  gray or white T-shirt
  • Blue, black, gray or white shorts or sweatpants
  • Sneakers (no shoes or boots)
  • A sweatshirt can be worn but it must be blue, black, gray or white
  • Please remove all jewelry before class starts


**Purchase a padlock and lock up all belongings in the locker room during your PE block.**

Health Education is required by the state of New Jersey to graduate High school. 




The Irvington Public Schools has partnered with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. This Program is designed not only to help the students and staff of the Irvington Public Schools, but also their families and community. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation was founded by both the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation and was created to help students eat healthier both in school and at home. I have included a link to Alliance for a Healthier Generation website for informational purposes. The website can be used to find ways to make healthy choices. It provides useful information including fitness tips and healthy recipes for home. 


The website for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is:

All Health and P.E. assignments can be submitted electronically by emailing them to

  • P.E. 10
  • Health 10
P.E. 10
Health 10