Ms. Pfeiffer's Physical Education Program

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am very excited to have your children in my physical education class. I will meet with your child once or twice a week to work on physical fitness, teamwork, wellness, and game play. Please see below to find out when your child will have physical education class each week. It is imperative that the students wear sneakers and appropriate gym clothes. I am available anytime to answer any questions you may have. Have a great year!




Monday- Byrne/Cejour (alternating) Green-Gaston (alternating)-Sumter- Clarke -Remy

Tuesday- Barbato- Agboola - Jones - Sumter- Ojentis - Byrne

Wednesday- Phillips- Gaston - Joseph - Munoz - Cejour - Brownsey

Thursday- Burcher- Walcott- Simons - Leuth - Smith - Tannenbaum

Friday- Green - Olson- Remy

Uniform Grading Profile

60%--Class Participation

40%--Skills Testing


This year we have adopted a new curriculum resource for our staff and scholars called SPARK. This site provides lesson plans as well as other health and physical education resources for teachers. Please read the SPARK story below.

The SPARK Story

The original SPARK study was funded in 1989, by the Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health, to help reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors (e.g., obesity, high blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle) that often begin in childhood. Project SPARK, the successful research trial, evolved into the SPARK Programs, an organization dedicated to improving the quantity and quality of physical education for teachers and children everywhere. SPARK educators and researchers have been disseminating the SPARK programs (Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, and High School PE, After School, and Coordinated School Health), created during and after the initial 5-year study, to schools throughout the world since 1994. For more information on SPARK programs, research, dissemination, and support services, visit

Athletic Clubs & Programs


New to Marathon Kids? We help kids unlock their potential and adults discover their inner Coach by joining, starting, or supporting a Marathon Kids running club in their home, school, out-of-school time organization or camp.

Our Marathon Kids work at their own pace to run, or walk, four marathons – 104.8 miles – and we provide the training, rewards, tools and resources to keep them moving. We believe every kid deserves to live a happy, healthy life.


We are planning to compete against Grove Street, Berkeley Terrace and Mt. Vernon in basketball this year. In addition, we plan to have cheerleaders attend the games. This is a very exciting program for our older scholars! We hope they will continue their basketball careers in middle school, high school, and college. Chancellor Avenue's mission is to inspire our scholars to be great academically and physically.


This program is every Thursday from 3pm-4pm. The Play Unified grant was designed to create a positive school climate and school culture through inclusive sports and youth leadership. By serving as an Advisor, I will be providing students with the wonderful opportunity of being able to interact with peers while encouraging friendship and respect.

Play Unified Championship Game Day – June 9th, 2018

All schools will compete at Irvington High School in a culmination of track and relay events. Game day will run from 10am-1pm for students and 9am-2pm for teachers.  Advisors will have support from 15 selected High School students as well as 5 Play Unified Champion Officials during the day of this event.


For our fall event, we invited a Zumba instructor to work with the scholars. Kindergarten, first, and second grade had a 30 minute Zumba lesson followed by a healthy snack. Third, fourth, and fifth grade also participated in a 30 minute program followed by a healthy snack. We will continue this Zumba in our morning convocation meetings and continue to promote health eating habits as well as the importance of physical activity in our daily routines.

For the year long initiative, Chancellor Avenue School will be planting and maintaining an organic fruit and vegetable garden. We will have scholars, instructors, and parents participating in this program to make it a community event. With the funding, we will purchase supplies for the garden such as seeds, gloves, watering cans, etc. We would like this initiative to engage our scholars and teach them the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. We would also like to educate the children on how they can grow their own produce at home and how it can benefit their entire family.